Welcome! To the David Blyth web site. In these few pages I will give a very basic explanation of semiconductor physics and then an outline of my work at Essex. I will also provide some information about myself and some of my other interests and achievements.
    I am a Phd student studying under the supervision of Dr Naci Balkan in the photonics group working within the Electronic systems engineering department at Essex University. My main area of research is that of Hot electrons in Gallium Nitride, these hot electrons are introduced into the samples by utilising the piezoelectric qualities of the material to set up acoustic wavefronts. A laser beam with photon energies less than the bandgap of the sample is then directed onto the sample and the photons interact with the wavefronts and either gain or lose energy. The change in energy of the photons will either decrease or increase their wavelengths and also alters the intensity and direction of the optical beam. This type of control makes possible a large number of applications involving the transmission, display, and processing of information.

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